Crypto Deposit Adresses
BTC bc1qe5vk78kmzq3v9xry3c9w7u09g0q9fvhsvuvsq5t6lvzfzatsdygs2whz3u   Copy 
ETH 0x1fc82b7a62c0414163A332693Ec66EC91f4cd1dE   Copy 
USDT (ERC20) 0x1fc82b7a62c0414163A332693Ec66EC91f4cd1dE   Copy 
USDT (TRC20) TWyAHQNttueddv5Hp9B1dAnBVrDNqBjrCo   Copy 
USDC (ERC20) 0x1fc82b7a62c0414163A332693Ec66EC91f4cd1dE   Copy 
Polkadot (DOT) 14FzHs6ESUbBdynBXMd26VSF9yZV6SGX1nWfffBh9MWAfL2K   Copy 
Avax C-Chain (Arc20) 0x1fc82b7a62c0414163A332693Ec66EC91f4cd1dE   Copy 

Official Site Link  Kızılay Deposit Addresses

Crypto Deposit Adresses
USDT (ERC20) 0xe1935271D1993434A1a59fE08f24891Dc5F398Cd   Copy 
BEP20 0xB67705398fEd380a1CE02e77095fed64f8aCe463   Copy 
Avalanche 0x868D27c361682462536DfE361f2e20B3A6f4dDD8   Copy 

Official Site Link  Ahbap Deposit Addresses

Your crypto donations that you send to the official crypto addresses announced by the "Turkish Red Crescent" and "Ahbap" platforms will only be collected at official crypto addresses.

You can be sure that the collected supports are sent to the relevant institutions for the aid and support activities carried out or to be carried out in the provinces affected by the earthquake. You can control these crypto addresses from the official websites of the relevant/mentioned institutions. Bitavita cannot make any changes in transfer transactions to these institutions and cannot manipulate these addresses. You can contact bitavita for more information.

You can contact “Turkish Red Crescent” and “Ahbap” and check the official addresses.