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Referral Program

A new method of earning crypto, no need to trade, only by inviting your friends to join BitaVita Community.

Referral Program

Affiliate Program

You can earn Up to 30% Commission or Up to 50,000 USD monthly!!!

  • More than 5000 followers on your social media
  • More than 500 member in a trading community

BitaVita Angels who have active social media profiles. There are many different social media accounts which are important for BitaVita such as ; Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram etc.

Only one of the below requirements must be meet to apply for Affiliate program:

  • Opportunity to earn commission
  • BitaVita\ helps reach a wider audience
  • Special incentives for our well-performing partners

Apply now to join our affiliate program and start making money by promoting BitaVita on your social media accounts!

Affiliate Program

Angel Program

If you have any kind of organization, website, community group and platforms more than 10,000 users or have a social media account more than 10,000 followers or you are a well-known Influencer in any kind of social media, you are about to have a huge income by Angel program of BitaVita.

You can earn up 40% Commission or up to 100,000 Usd monthly.

Angel Program

Ambassador Program

There are many Competitions which will be announced to be rewarded. They can be annouced as GIVEAWAYS also in the website. All the users can be involved each competitions.

normally there would be some tasks to do and participate. For each task is considered some points, the users who reach to highest points at the deadlines they will be announced winners on the website too.

more info wil be published in advance.

Top Angels in each Country can be announced officially as BitaVita Ambassador!

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