BitaVita Verify

Use the BitaVita Verification service to protect yourself from phishing and various fraudulent methods.

Please use Binance Verify to check whether the source officially represents BitaVita.
website link, email address, phone number, WeChat ID, Twitter account or Telegram ID.
*Please do not contact any unofficial/non-verified sources or reveal your account details to them. For further queries, please contac BitaVita Support

It is a system that allows you to check whether this source is an official source of bitavita when you are contacted from any source on behalf of Bitavita

Phishing is a type of cyber attack that aims to deceive people by pretending to be a trusted institution or business of a malicious user and to seize their credit card details, usernames and similar sensitive information. Because phishing involves psychological manipulation and It is seen as a social engineering attack because it is based on human error (rather than software or hardware failure).

This source verification system is not mandatory, but for your security, checking the sources you think belongs to us or not, increases your security.