Is BitaVita Safe?

BitaVita, protected by all security methods, offers the best solutions to protect the security and data of its users.

Wallet Security

Bitavita, All its data is periodically collected via offline signature in the company's multi-signature cold wallet. At Bitavita, we always keep 100% of users' assets in reserve, all users' assets have a 1:1 equivalent on our platform. Each user's assets We've launched Proof of Reserves to allow it to check and verify where it is in our system.
Bitavita always performs instant transactions at the current prices at the current time. At Bitavita, every withdrawal order goes through the risk control system and is automatically reviewed, risky transaction requests are manually re-examined by our online representatives. Advanced risk control Thanks to our experience, we are able to identify risky transactions and requests. We can act quickly to protect the assets of our users and our platform. Qualified withdrawal requests are also processed via offline signature, so assets remain stored in a cold wallet system where all transactions take place offline.
Bitavita, in partnership with Coinfirm, provides wallet control privilege. You can check the security of a wallet you will transfer to. You can check whether it is involved in any money laundering operation.

System Security

Bitavita uses Cloudflare to ensure system security. With Oracle Database, banking-level information and data are highly protected and stored, so all user information is secured with Oracle.
Bitavita uses firewalls for different risks for different trading purposes. There are multiple security and internal network access management protocols to control the accessibility of one instance to another. Beyond the network firewall management, Bitavita has system-level restrictions also applies.

User Account Security

Bitavita uses a two-factor authentication mechanism to protect all user accounts. When a user performs any critical action, such as login, deposit or password changes, the system automatically triggers two-factor authentication. Differential security It also creates the privilege of preference for its users with its options. Users, if they prefer, can create a transaction password that they will create for each transaction independent of the login password and use it in their transactions. For any password change request, verification is requested by SMS or e-mail. This is to protect account integrity and security. It forces the user to perform a secondary authentication for each password change and automatically logs out from other devices logged in at different times. Users can also check and verify whether the received mails belong to any social media source, Bitavita or not. it may.
This system is available both on our website and in the mobile app. Bitavita uses a bank-level double-entry bookkeeping system to ensure account security. Double-entry bookkeeping relies on the balance of assets and equity as the basis of accounting. A user is a financing Bitavita performs the transaction, matching accounting on two or more accounts to ensure the security of the records. Thanks to the double-entry bookkeeping mechanism, Bitavita can immediately detect whether the user's account has been manipulated. If it has been manipulated, the system will immediately freeze the account on any pending attempt to manipulate it. ceases its actions and operations.

Trading System Security

Bitavita trading platform consists of two main components: CrossEngine and TradingEngine. CrossEngine precisely matches client orders based on price and time priority. Trading Engine is responsible for managing all risk controls on behalf of client's trading account. These include real -time costs, transaction fees, PNL, calculation and more.
Like other high-frequency trading systems, both CrossEngine and TradingEngine are written in the C# programming language. The predictable performance of C# makes it an ideal programming language for modern trading systems. Due to the nature of crypto assets, users Needs the system to react as quickly as possible. Overloading is absolutely unacceptable. Speed is a basic requirement for traders as the most worrying issue is the inability to trade during major market movements. Bitavita, our trading system, is one of our other trading systems in Turkey. It is at least 10 times faster than other systems and is highly customized.”
Besides performance, another feature provided by our Bitavita system is their flawless return. We have developed our own recovery system that provides 99.99% high availability to our users. Both CrossEngine and TradingEngine work with multiple hot and warm backups simultaneously In most cases, users won't even notice system maintenance periods or upgrades. This type of seamless and fast recovery is critical for 24/7 exchanges.