KVKK (Law on the Protection of Personal Data) Express Consent Text

Please read these terms carefully before using the Services. The law on the protection of personal data contains the text of express consent.

Express Consent Text Under the Law on the Protection of Personal Data

Pursuant to the User Agreement, General Clarification Text and the Company Regulation on the Protection and Processing of the Personal Data submitted to your information by BİTA TEKNOLOJİ ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (“BİTAVİTA” or “Company”) according to the relevant provisions of the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (“KVKK”); you accept that you give express consent to the processing of your personal data by “Bitavita” limited to the purpose of processing, and to the storage, transfer and update for the required period of time, and that you have been given the necessary, simple and clear information on this matter. You also declare that you have read, understood and accepted this text, User Agreement and the Clarification Text.

Considering the industry, working area, trade volume and business network of the Company that prioritizes providing software and derivative services; there may be cases such as receiving services from companies operating abroad, business partnerships with foreign companies or being involved in an international project. In a market that includes digital services and has a global customer base, such collaborations may be inevitable in terms of both the commercial future and legitimate interests of the Company. Due to such operations of the company, the personal data you have given under the contract between you and the company will be transferred abroad. Therefore, if it is necessary to transfer your information which is included in the personal data group, your personal data that we have obtained within the scope of User Agreement may be transferred, taking into account the conditions stipulated in Article 9 of the KVKK.

Although your data processed within the scope of sensitive personal data does not include health and sexual life data; sensitive data other than these is processed within the scope of legal regulations in Bitavita when required under the legal regulations. I hereby accept and declare that relevant identity information, address information, e-mail address, postal address, phone number, bank account information and cookies collected can be securely stored in physical or digital media, transferred to Bitavita employees, officials, domestic and foreign business partners, business partners within the scope of establishment, use, protection and regulation of a right, shareholders, legally authorized public institutions and organizations, domestic independent audit companies within the framework of legal requirements and legal limitations in order to carry out their activities, survey companies, servers, hosting companies from which information technologies support is received at home and abroad, electronic storage environments such as program, cloud, business partners from which Bitavita receives service or with which it works together to conduct the services and/or activities to be provided for me, service providers, processed or the use of data can be prevented, by Bitavita as the data controller of personal data or by data processors authorized by it taking the necessary security measures, in order to provide the products and services the Company offers to its customers without any problems, to provide products or services in a reliable and uninterrupted manner and to maximize customer satisfaction, to fulfill various transactions regarding the aforementioned services, to carry out and develop operations, to perform financial transactions, to make the promotion, marketing, advertising, campaign and survey activities of the said products and services or different products and services, to inform the users about the opportunities, campaigns and to fulfill the requirements of the contracts made with the users, directly or indirectly; and that I have been informed by Bitavita regarding the above-mentioned issues and that I have given my express consent within the framework of KVKK.

I hereby accept and declare that I expressly consent to the transfer of my personal data by the Company to the persons, institutions and/or organizations required/authorized by the regulations in force, business partners, all authorities and channels required for the performance of the User Agreement, public legal entities, authorities, authorized to receive personal data such as Courts, Public Prosecutors' Offices, BDDK (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency), SPK (Capital Markets Board) MASAK, BKM, domestic/foreign affiliates of the Company, companies that operate as an intermediary/agency, third parties from/to whom services are received/provided to carry out the activities of the Site, Company's program partner institutions, organizations, domestic/foreign banks, funds cooperated with, and the institutions cooperated with, domestic/overseas/international organizations from which service/support/consultancy is received or with which it becomes project/program/financing partner and the organizations from which independent auditing and support services are received due to legal obligations but within the framework of legal limitations.

In addition, I hereby accept and declare that the personal data I have shared with the Company is accurate and up-to-date; and that I will immediately notify the Company if there is any change in this information.

I hereby expressly consent to the processing of my personal data within the scope of KVKK, to use and share it limited to the processing purpose explained within the scope of the relevant process, and to keep it for the required period of time, and that I hereby accept and declared that I have been provided with the necessary information in this regard; and that I have read and understood this text, Bitavita KVK Policy and Bitavita Kvkk Clarification Text made available to me on the Site.