Corporate Identity

On this page, we have provided recommendations on the use of brand materials. It is important for us to maintain the integrity of the perception of the product


The archive contains logo in PNG format, the rules for their use are below


For headings you need to use Roboto Condensed for type setting


If there are not enough materials for your purposes, contact us and we will provide them



The correct spelling of our brand is very important for us, as it affects the perception of us as a company in the information field

BITAVITA, Bitavita, BitaVita, bitaVita

Spellings are correct spellings. It should not be used other than what is given.

BİTA VİTA, bitavita

Given are misspellings. Except for correct spellings, all spellings are considered incorrect.

Brand Terms

Materials on this page are companys property. Don't copy the visual style of the brand and don't use a similar style so as not to mislead the consumer

Don't combine the BITAVITA logo with other images without the consent of a company representative
Don't change the BITAVITA logo and always use it on a dark background for good readability
Don't use the BITAVITA brand to imply relationships with other brands, affiliations or endorsements, such as "we partner with Etherscan"
Don't use the BITAVITA brand in conjunction with any illegal activity, advertisement or product